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Amazonite gemstones, Beads

Use the amazonite gemstone beads we offer to connect to the spring equinox, where winter blue melts into green in spring. The energy of this stone is as powerful as the river it is named after. The jewelry and decorations made by it will lead to a positive change in your life.

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Amazonite - Symbolism, Properties and Meaning

Named after the stormy Amazon River , this lovely crystal was originally called the Amazon Stone . It is a variety of microcline, which is a mineral from the group of feldshapat. Interestingly, the semi-precious crystal has nothing to do with the river on which it is named, as it has been established that no deposits of the stone have been found anywhere along its course.

According to Other legends, its name is associated with the lovely Amazons who inhabited the lands near the Urals . According to legend, the warrior women decorated their weapons with amazonite , believing that it would make them winners in battle .

Dating back to ancient times, the brilliant blue -green hue of the Amazonite adorned the famous golden mask of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. The ancient Indians skillfully took advantage of its moderate hardness and weaved it into their jewelry, where it became a distinctive element of wealth.

There is a belief that the stone the color of a raging river has the ability to Restores youth in older men. Probably the legend is associated with the property of amazonite to improve skin elasticity and have a beneficial effect on blood circulation.


Success is not just a coincidence

Especially if you include amazonite in your collection of precious stones. With its gray hue of blue-green, the crystal reflects the lush greenery of the rainforests and the rebellious waters of the Amazon. Known as the ’ Stone of Courage’ , amazonite is the patron of the heart chakra. And this is no accident.

It helps to get rid of toxic emotions, stress and Negative energies. It is also considered a family stone that preserves fidelity, increases passion and love in the family. It is this belief that makes it a very suitable gift for a wedding anniversary, as well as a souvenir to decorate the family hearth.


You do not choose the stone, but the stone chooses you

If the properties of amazonite have found a place in your home, then they remind you that it’s time to listen to your inner voice and put aside your fears.

According to some, he:

    • relieves anxiety and fear
    • is also useful in calcium deficiency
    • osteoporosis
    • relieves muscle spasms
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Its healing properties also affect the nervous system . If you feel overwhelmed by the hectic daily life, you feel mental discomfort, amazonite will help you cope with the accumulated tension. Put the stone at home as part of the decor and enjoy the instant results.

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Symbolism of colors

From translucent to shades of blue and green, the colors of amazonite have different properties.

  • Green amazonite - mainly responsible for the heart chakra, relief from tension and stress
  • Blue amazonite - helps the throat chakra. The more saturated its color, the more healing it is


Which zodiac sign protects the Amazonite?

Astrologers claim that it Is especially suitable for Sagittarius , as they are extremely curious and energetic, and are one of the greatest adventurers among all zodiac signs. This does not mean that Amazonite is only for Sagittarius.

A piece of beautiful stone is able to mitigate the negative impulses of sensitive Scorpios. According to other sources, the ’Amazon Stone’ is Associates with the planet Uranus and the zodiac signs Aquarius and Virgo.


At what price can we find amazonite?

Em Art offers you a wide variety of beaded strings From amazonite at prices from 3 to 20 levs .

Rebellious blue, crystal white or lush green - the choice depends only on your imagination.


We have also prepared different sizes of amazonite balls to fit perfectly with any of your projects. With them you could create spectacular jewelry that will not only complement your look, but will also have a positive effect on your self-esteem.

With the help of our jewelry accessories , you can become a real designer and make unique jewelry, brooches, earrings or bracelets.


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