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We call the mountain crystal the transparent form of quartz. Its irresistible, invisible presence is due to the sparkling light that contains the entire color spectrum. Buy from our mountain crystal beads and you will be multiplying the beauty of everything you pair with. Be sure to save at the same time thanks to our great prices.

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MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL Round Beads Strand 8 mm  ~ 45 pieces
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Strand of beads made from semi-precious stone Mountain Crystal in the shape of spheres.
SKU: 142253 Piece: 45
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MOUNTAIN CRYSTAL Round Beads Strand 12 mm ~ 33 pieces
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Strand of beads made from semi-precious stone Mountain Crystal in the shape of spheres.
SKU: 142255 Piece: 40
Price7.98 USD
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Mountain Crystal - the spiritual guide you need


Thanks to its unique structure, the crystal is one of the most energetic healing stones on the planet >. It has the ability to receive, regulate and release positive energy and block negative energy. It is often used to cover acupuncture needles, increasing their efficiency by as much as ten percent.


Types and applications

The stone has different shapes and colors that Characterize its various healing and mystical properties.


Black Mountain Crystal

If you have a communication problem and experience disguise from talking to people, this variety Will help you feel confident . It has a beneficial effect on the immune system and purifies the blood circulation.


Golden Mountain Crystal

Thanks to the natural chrome in the composition of this variety, the colors of the crystal change from transparent yellow to golden. The golden variety of the crystal enhances spiritual communication and supports alternative healing at all levels.


Green mountain crystal

It has the ability to transform negative energy and make it < Strong> transforms into creativity , stabilizing the heart chakra.


Harlequin mountain crystal

The gentle dance of colors combined in this form has the ability to increase physical vitality . It has a beneficial effect on the crown and heart chakras. It acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.


Lithium Mountain Crystal

You will recognize it by its lilac-reddish colors . Its healing energy is expressed in the ability to cure depression and eliminate ingrained fear.


Mandarin mountain crystal

Named so because of its orange colors , this stone affects the mental level and improves the condition of people, Who suffer from the effects of shock and mental trauma. It is said to be so powerful that it can heal the hardships of previous lives.


Tibetan Mountain Crystal

< P> This variety can be distinguished by the structure of two spikes , which is typical for the stone. In addition to its name, the crystal carries in its core Tibetan esoteric wisdom to use as a spiritual guide.


Mystical and healing properties

  • Rock crystal is said to be one of the easiest to program stones. The reason for this is that it is a very good receiver
  • If you wear a piece From it in itself, your biomagnetic field will be doubled as it generates electromagnetic waves and its vibration level allows easy energy adjustment Which is used to treat
  • Mountain crystal cures muscle cramps and even protects against radiation
  • Mentally, the stone helps to better Concentration and has the ability to release locked memories
  • There is a theory that if you place a mountain crystal near the car’s fuel system, it will reduce Co Its fuel consumption.


Zodiac signs and the mountain crystal

It is believed that there is no specific zodiac sign that is associated with the mountain crystal. However, it has a beneficial effect on the wild temperament of the zodiac sign Leo and alleviates the stubbornness of the representatives of the zodiac sign Capricorn.


Mountain crystal from EM Art

We at EM ART know how important it is to find a rich variety for your projects in one place and at an excellent price. That is why we have selected a selected collection of mountain crystal at excellent prices . Here you will find strings of beads of different sizes at prices from 3 to 15 levs.

The balls are suitable for making jewelry, accessories, amulets and souvenirs for the home. Our professional Consultants will help you choose, because your projects are our priority.



The variety of rock crystal can be found in all our 14 Retail or online on our completely updated site. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each received and processed request arrives to you within four business days with a courier company . To make it as easy as possible for you, we offer an easy way to pay when shopping online - by bank transfer or by postal money order with cash on delivery.


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