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Citrine Gemstone Beads, Quartz, Sun, Jewelry, DIY

Citrine is a type of quartz crystal that ranges from light yellow to deep amber. Its sunny color gives a clear idea of its positive power. Order easy and cheap citrine beads. Its ability to increase metabolism and stimulate digestion will probably interest you. Yellow crystal jewelry gives energy and protection and helps people fulfill their dreams.

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Citrine - The Stone of the Spring Sun


The delicate crystal that gathered the first rays of the spring sun Is known as a stone of will, imagination and personal growth.

Its name comes from the French word ’citron’, which means ’lemon’.

It is known to mankind another 300 BC as a variety of quartz. From then until today, there are legends that the crystal has the ability to make men more attractive and intelligent. People believed that if a woman had difficulty conceiving, citrine would help her conceive.

In ancient times, the semi-precious stone was associated with several deities. Its color is associated with the goddess of harvest - Demeter, which ends the winter and fills the fields with fertility and abundant harvest. Citrine is also a gemstone of the Greek goddess of spring, Persephone.

All gold-colored crystals are considered symbols of the Egyptian goddess Sehmet, who symbolized war.


< H2> Varieties of lemon

Most often the stone is a transparent variety of quartz, which varies from pale yellow to golden or copper brown. Its natural color does not retain and accumulate negative energy, as is the case with most semi-precious stones. Extremely curious is the fact that it is the only stone that does not need cleaning and refilling.

Often, its color is the reason to be confused with yellow topaz. Much of the commercially available citrine is heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz. What distinguishes true citrine is its pale yellow color.


Mystical and healing properties:


< H3> Citrine for mental wounds

Carrying the beneficial energy of the sun, the stone has a warm and life-giving healing effect. It is excellent for combating depressive thoughts and states. He is known for his ability to purify the will and give light in situations that seem like a dead end. It tends to reduce your sensitivity to incoming criticism and improve your self-expression and personal development. A symbol of optimism, the stone will help you enjoy life and the little joys of everyday life. If you often feel vulnerable and helpless, citrine jewelry will help you overcome unpleasant feelings and transform them into inner strength and resistance to other people’s criticism.


Citrine for Physical Healing

Crystal is known to crystal therapists for its ability to increase physical endurance and increase energy flow. Helps metabolism and processes of the endocrine system. It is also believed to eliminate chronic fatigue and balance the thyroid gland.

It is also used for skin irritations, strengthens hair and nails and relieves annoying allergies.

Citrine is a powerful stimulant. Which improves digestion and has a healing effect on problems with the pancreas and spleen.

Although there is no scientific evidence, there are claims that the crystal is a powerful tool for treating kidney infections and problems with nocturnal enuresis. < / p>

Can also be used to suppress menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue and nausea.


Daily use of citrine >

Apart from beautiful bracelets, necklaces or amulets, citrine is also used in meditation. Its properties contribute to the flow of the Universal Life Force and promote an easy transition to a meditative state. The stone activates thought processes and opens the doors of inner thought. Meditating with citrine you will feel its golden warmth on the physical body.


Zodiac signs and chakras

The warm yellow tones of the stone bring prosperity and grace to those born in early summer.

It is designated as a crystal of the zodiac sign Cancer.

Citrine works well on the crown chakra, umbilical and solar chakras. Split.


What is the price of the stone ?

Depending on the size, processing and The type of lemon beads, the price varies in different range. With us at EM ART you can find a wide variety of colors and sizes of strings, which are priced from 18 to 25 levs.

Whether you are looking for a pale yellow, deep sun or golden string of citrine , we offer you high quality and affordable price for all types.



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