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Carnelian Gemstones for Jewelry Making

Like the fiery sunset, the carnelian gemstone gives off its generous energy of abundance and optimism. If you are overflowing with creative ideas, fill yourself with beads of this mineral that will give you the courage to act and have confidence. The jewelry made by him will help many people improve their health, well-being and strength.

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Carnelian - the stone of actors and performers

With the color of a sunset, Carnelian has been known to mankind since ancient times. Also known as the 'Stone of Artists', the fiery crystal is a favorite accessory in the collection of the singer Adele, who can not imagine a dress in which she does not wear jewelry with Carnelian. And this is not accidental, as its properties include increasing confidence and creativity.

It contains the typical brownish and orange impurities of iron for chalcedony.

In ancient times. Egypt, polished Carnelian adorned royal necklaces. The ancient warriors wore it around their necks and thought that it would make them brave and powerful.

It was also a distinctive jewel of masters and architects, and through it they showed their rank in society. The ancient Egyptians called it the 'setting sun' and associated it with the receptive feminine energy and the goddess Isis.

In Rome, it was a favorite accent in men's and women's rings.

It combined brilliance. At sunset and its fiery rays, the crystal is known as the stone of motivation, leadership and endurance.

Its name comes from Latin, which means 'Flesh'.


Carnelian - a game of colors

In appearance, Carnelian is a translucent mineral of the quartz family. Its color varies from pale pink to rusty and orange. It is recognizable by its shimmering reddish shades, which make it especially attractive for jewelry making.


Mystical and healing properties

Are you preparing for an interview or audition? Is a stage or TV show waiting for you? Be sure to bring a piece of Carnelian or jewelry with it. It will help you discover your hidden talents, enhance creativity and create harmony and goodwill. No wonder he is preferred by stars and celebrities. It is also known for its ability to balance the left and right hemispheres in the brain.

The benefits of the stone are believed to include ambition, aspiration and determination. It is also said that the golden-orange mineral helps reduce excessive pressure from colleagues and bosses in the work environment, as it is able to maintain cohesion in communities.


Did you know That?

Different colors are used by shamans and fortune tellers to show direction in an endeavor. For example, the orange stone means that you have a chance to breathe new life into the relationship. Red carnelian means that it is not time to retire or give up an endeavor.

According to legend, this stone protects the soul in its journey after death.


< H2> Carnelian - zodiac signs, birthday and chakras

This is the traditional birthstone of people born in August, but it is considered to be extremely suitable for all who celebrate birthday Day in the fall. This perfectly reflects the autumn palette that carnelian gathers.

It is believed that those born between August 22 and September 22 feel most attracted to its orange colors, which are a symbol of friendship, pleasure and family. Closeness

Its saturated colors are intended for those born in the second half of autumn - September 23 - October 21. A piece of jewelry or a piece of this stone will inspire them with strength, vitality and will.

The red carnelian is considered the birthstone of those born between October 22 and November 20.

It is the patron saint of the Virgo representatives. By nature, this zodiac sign is gentle, with good memory and following logic. Possession of carnelian will ignite their flame of desire and passion and bring them additional spiritual energy.

Suitable for healing the Second and Root Chakras, the crystal is widely used in meditation and alternative medicine.


Carnelian as an accessory and tool for alternative healing

If you are both practical and creative, you can wear a belt with carnelian elements on the buckle . Thus, in addition to a beautiful accessory, you will support and balance the Sacral Chakra.

As a means of meditation, you can use two stones placed on a rope around the thighs

Rings and bracelets with carnelian will stimulate the Basic And Sacral Chakra.


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