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Paper Ornaments

Cardboard (paper) elements for decoration of albums, cards, notebooks, boxes and other objects and packaging. Most are of voluminous pearl cardboard in many nice colors. They are suitable for creative projects designed for children. Check out many more creative materials at affordable prices.

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Decorative Cardboard Figures

Cardboard figurines have so many applications. They can be made of many different types of paper or cardboard, and perhaps the most common for this purpose are pearls. One of the reasons for this is that this type of cardboard is quite dense and voluminous, which in turn makes it much easier to work with. The work with cardboard figures is also intended for children, as for this purpose only glue is needed as a tool, which can be water-based or something else not so strong, which will make the process extremely safe and favorable for the kids.


How did the cardboard appear?

Cardboard is a heavy type of paper that is characterized by its hardness and durability. It was created in China in the 15th century. And it was used for various purposes, as one of its most common applications was as a packaging material. That is why one of its main functions is to store different types of products and materials. To the delight of all craft enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, it is also involved in this industry, making work easier and giving even more beauty and sustainability to ideas and projects.


< Em> Product features

Usually the figures made of pearl cardboard are colored on both sides and have highly light-resistant pigments with a soft pearlescent sheen. Their surface is flat and smooth, without pores, therefore they are very unsuitable for working with hobby inks, which require a porous base.

Pearl cardboard is distinguished by its ability to give a fine, but at the expense of Quite an eye-catching finish to your design or artwork. This cardboard is smooth to the touch and shiny to the eyes.

In general, the pearl cardboard itself is completely contrary to tradition, as it is a unique combination of old and new, traditional and modern, created by adding a metallic sheen To the existing range of parchments. It mimics metal precision and ancient parchment, resulting in a type of cardboard that produces strikingly impressive visual results.

This cardboard is also one of the materials for making beautiful cardboard figures, with which you will be able to transform any of your projects. In a masterpiece or any object you want to breathe life into and a very spring mood.


Application and purpose


Pearl papers and cardboards are available in many popular beautiful colors and are suitable for making and decorating albums, cards, Notebooks, gift boxes, invitations or scrapbooking projects. Other ideas to use the beautiful cardboard figurines are: to decorate the wall, as well as any furniture in the nursery, as well as notebooks, pencils, lamps and much more.

One of The most popular decorations with pearl paper are cardboard figurines. Depending on what your project is, you can make them yourself, using paper, scissors and many templates in a variety of shapes and sizes, or the easiest, fastest and super quality option is to buy the finished figures directly. Use them for the desired decoration.

If you choose ready-made cardboard figures, not only will you save a lot of time, but you will also have perfectly cut and made figures, with the help of which your project will quickly become Work of art. That way, even if you’re not very good at cutting different cardboard figures, this worry will automatically go away because you’ll have ready-made materials.

Of course, you can use any other type of paper that You wish, but the pearl creates an incredible visual brilliance to any ordinary project and makes it really special. If you need this glitter, but do not want so much color, in this case you could use white, because it is not so restrictive. And another plus of the white pearl paper is that it It can be completely recycled and is biodegradable, and it also lacks acid, chlorine and lignin.

Now give free rein to your imagination and decorate everything you want with cardboard figurines in any shape , color and size.


Price range


With us you will find cardboard figurines for decoration of each of your projects at prices from BGN 1.80. Up to BGN 1.90



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In EM ART you will find several types of cardboard figures made of both plain paper and pearl paper.