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Tourmaline Gemstones, Semi-Precious Stones

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that we can call a kaleidoscope of colors. It has the unique ability to emit infrared rays. It can generate a magnetic field and balance the biocurrent in the body. We have selected a variety of tourmaline and tourmaline quartz beads for a wide range of prices for your individual needs.

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Tourmaline - The Stone of Reconciliation


Tourmaline is one of the most common semi-precious stones in the world. Its wide distribution makes it extremely popular and used in the jewelry industry.

The largest tourmaline deposits in the world are in Brazil. Mineral mining in the country dates back more than 500 years. Initially, the crystal was mined in search of gold in the region. People believed that tourmaline was an emerald and that the stones were sent to Portugal to make royal jewelery.

Century, when the crystal was discovered by Dutch merchants near Italy. Its name comes from the term ’tourmaline’ , which is used as a universal name for all colored stones. The reason for this lay in the inability of traders to distinguish it from other crystals . It is often confused with rubies .

The exceptional durability of the stone is evidenced by artifacts found in China that remain intact to this day.


Cultural differences also carry different meanings of tourmaline and the beliefs associated with it over the centuries. 18th-century literature suggests that the crystal is a suitable mascot for actors and artists. In India, it is used to inspire real judgment in people prone to excessive fantasizing.

Today, tourmaline continues to be used by many tribes in Africa as a talisman that protects From trouble.


Tourmaline varieties


The reason for the bizarre The colors of the semi-precious stone are hidden in the content of iron and titanium, which give it delicate blue-green hues, which turns it into a stone with mixed colors. The manganese in its composition creates red and yellowish highlights.


Pink tourmaline

The stone bears no Not only the color of love, but also its invigorating vibration. It is often worn as a talisman that promotes warm feelings to and from its owner. Although there is no scientific evidence, healers claim that its abilities include the ability to regenerate and refresh the skin. < / strong>


Green tourmaline

This variety is recommended for people who have a problem with patience and stubbornness . Its calming energy helps to rethink situations and the ability to get the most out of them. Recommended for encouraging new friendships and attracting a romantic partner in life.


Black tourmaline

< Black tourmaline is perhaps one of the most common shades of crystal. It is considered a protective stone that has very strong protective abilities and the ability to capture negative energies.


Mystical and healing properties


If you have problems with the digestive system, immune system or bones, then tourmaline is the perfect gemstone < / a> to support their treatment. It is also said to be useful for strengthening bone structure and teeth .

Holists use the crystal to treat stress and mental trauma. Because his nature encodes a love of humanity, he is often the best friend of therapists or counselors in various fields.

This is because of his ability to carry unconditional love. And friendship . Also called the ’Stone of Reconciliation’ for its ability to break down negative and destructive feelings in people.

A heart protector and considered an aphrodisiac, tourmaline promotes flexibility of thought, inner peace and Relieves panic attacks.

Interpreted as one of the most receptive stones, with its crystal structure it acts calming and encourages communication on a spiritual level . It is often used in meditation as a magnet for peace of mind.




Also like opal , tourmaline crystal is considered the birthstone of those born in October . It is considered the patron saint of the eighth anniversary of marriage and is often used as a gift to families entering this annual period of their relationship.

Representatives of the Gemini zodiac sign feel magnetically attracted To the beauty of this stone. It is associated with the planets Saturn, Venus and