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Moonstone & Opal Gemstone, Energy, Jewellery Maiking, Home Decoration

Moonstone gemstone beads capture the changing reflection of the moon that illuminated the night sky. Buy oval, round, cylindrical and other beads of the most mysterious mineral at great prices. Among our suggestions of lunar stone you will also find opalite, whose delicate look will fill you with romance and inspiration.

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Synthetic Tumbled MOONSTONES without Hole, 7 ~ 13x5 ~ 6.5x4 ~ 6 mm -10 grams
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Moonstone - the crystal of travelers


As ancient and mystical as the Moon itself, the meaning of the Moonstone lies in its energy. Its secrets are covered with a pearly delicate veil that refracts light in bizarre colors.

Associated with magical rituals, the moonstone has been known to mankind for more than two thousand years. < A sacred stone in India and worshiped in the Orient, it has been an unchanging mascot for travelers because of the protection it provides to its owner.

It is said that when a person travels - on On land or by water, he must carry with him a moonstone to 'light' his way.

Lunar opal, is named for its silvery-white reflection that moves across the surface and refracts light in soft shades ranging from white to blue and Gray to peach variations.


Moonstone, Opal or Opalite?


Very often, looking for Moonstone we come across < Strong> rich variety of colors and variations, in addition, its name is often associated with Opalite and Opal. What do the three stones have in common?

Opalita's features, for example, are very similar to those of the Moonstone. It is also translucent, has milky hues and refracts light through its blue-white color, unfolding the colors to pale orange. This color is called an opalescent color, hence its name - Opalite.

Opal, in turn, is also a type of gemstone with bizarre shades , which are sometimes quite close to these. Of the Moonstone.

Let's look at the properties and varieties of some of the most popular varieties of the three crystals:


Moonstone (fisheye, wolf's eye, water opal)

The properties of this stone are associated with clarity of mind and so-called inner vision. If you need to understand an important life lesson, This variety will help you understand the depth of the situation and balance the energies of yin and yang . It is associated with the throat chakra, making it a strong ally in communication insecurity.

It is believed that insecure people can gain more self-confidence if they carry it with them. Pale blue crystal. It encourages dreamers and lovers . It can be found in shades of black, peach and translucent.

It is considered the birthstone for the month of June and the patron of the zodiac signs Cancer, Libra and Scorpio . Quite logically, the strength of the moonstone increases significantly during a full moon. This is the right time to recharge your jewelry or accessories.


Black opal

It is considered one of the strongest stones leading to luck. It helps to increase sexual attraction and break our fears into confidence.


Rainbow Opal

Named after the iridescent shades of the rainbow, this stone is a symbol of harmony in man. With a prism effect, it refracts the dissipating energy throughout our aura . The energetic properties of opal are associated with the spirits of Nature and help with restless sleep and emotional trauma.


Silver opal

This color is perceived as a powerful tool used by fortune tellers and shamans. It is also called the 'Stone of the New Moon' and carries with it the mysteries and powers of this phenomenon. It is said that among its healing properties is the ability to strengthen intuition.


Pink opal

The colors of this species are extremely magnetic , but This is not its main property. According to healers, pink opal is miraculous for headaches , which are due to a blocked chakra of the third eye.


What is the price of the beautiful stones ?


Did you know that something very small - as much as a grain can cost over twenty thousand dollars. This is the price of noble black opal. Quite right, because this crystal is extremely rare.


Why choose Em Art?


Fortunately, thanks to Opalita and the Moonstones, we can afford the pleasure of owning our own little Moon at prices from 2 to 20 BGN in EmArt.

We offer you a rich variety of beads and Natural stones of different sizes and colors.

Make your own mascot, bracelet, jewelry, earrings or ring with our rich selection of jewelry accessories .

If you are not creative but want to