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Garnet gemstones

Fill your creative arsenal with garnet gemstone beads at a great price. This powerful, energizing and regenerating stone balances, strengthens and protects. It is found in various colors and is one of the most ancient mascots.

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Garnet - the stone of power

Garnet is one of the crystals known to mankind since ancient times. Magical powers and many miraculous properties have been attributed to it in the past. According to some, even the stone of the Holy Grail was made of garnet. In Indian mythology, it is associated with the power of fire and its purifying ability. A curious fact is that the wars of antiquity built it into their weapons, believing that it would bring them endurance. They also believed that he would connect them with the souls of their predecessors who died in battle. The women sewed pieces of granite in their clothes to protect themselves from bad energy directed at the family.

Artifacts dating back to three thousand years BC have been found to prove the stone’s durability. / p>

Evidence of homage to the grenade in antiquity is evidence that the King of Saxony owned a stone over 465 carats.

The beautiful stone is present even in the Christian religion. According to legend, Noah himself used a finely chopped grenade to illuminate the ark during the long nights. It also symbolized Christ’s sacrifice.

The grenade is also known in the Muslim religion. The Qur’an states that the stone illuminates the so-called ’Fourth Heaven’


Mystical and magical properties

There are many different beliefs About the magical properties of the stone.

The ancient Greeks believed that a piece of garnet protected children from drowning. Healers claim that it has other powerful healing powers and are all associated with its blood-red color. It is said to cure bleeding and inflammatory diseases, to regulate blood circulation and relieve heart problems.

Pomegranate is also used to increase physical strength and energy.

Depending on Different sexes, it also has a different action. In men it is used to maintain the reproductive system, and in women for hormonal imbalance.

In addition, the stone helps the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body.

When it comes to love and Sex, the garnet stands out with its ability to enhance their energy, but also to balance it evenly.

Inspirer of the family bed, the garnet is used to stabilize marital relationships, fidelity and devotion.


Varieties of pomegranate and their significance

Pomegranate deposits have been discovered all over the world and although it is known for its deep red color, it can It is often found in other shades of color, which is responsible for its chemical composition.

It can often be confused with ruby, and garnet, painted yellow, is often recognized with topaz.

< There are several main types of garnet:

Almandine garnet - This type combines the energy of red and muted earth tones Of brown, which connects it to the power of the Earth. It is used as a talisman, carrying strength and will. Supports blood circulation and all problems related to it. He is the patron saint of the First Chakra.

Andradite - This is a green garnet that combines shades of dark yellow, olive green and black. A spiritual stone of the heart and the solar plexus, it has the ability to break down feelings of isolation, dissatisfaction and alienation. A powerful stone for looking like an intimate partner.

Grosular - It combines the colors of yellow, orange, gold and green. This is the form of garnet that is used to attract prosperity and abundance. It is associated with the sacred chakra.

Pyrop - The garnet of this type is also known as ’Living Fire’, thanks to its saturated red-indigo colors. If you need warmth and tenderness in your life, then this option is your best choice.

Spesartin garnet - The stone of change is a very rare variety of its kind. Its charming golden colors are extremely rare, but if you are among the lucky ones who own it, then know that you will gain confidence, creative energy and strength.

Uvarovit - The stone is formed by small uniform crystals, which give it bizarre colors and shapes. Like its other varieties, it is the patron saint of the Heart Chakra.


Garnet and Zodiac

Garnet is known as the traditional birthday Stone of those born in January. He is the patron saint of those born under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Making rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry.

In addition to all the useful properties, it looks very sophisticated as an accessory to attract attention.

Thanks to its affordable price and rich Variety, you can make your own bi