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Silicone Molds for Creative Projects

  Silicone molds have long since found their place in our creative imagination. This is a great invention. Its wide application in various fields, such as confectionery, casting of various shapes, making decorative candles and many other diverse options. You can celebrate your child’s holiday in a memorable and unique way. We offer you a very wide range of molds at affordable prices. Order from us.

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Silicone Mold Baby, 73x73x114 mm

SKU: 812309 Weight 64 gr Piece: 1
Price3.53 USD
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Baby shoes silicone mold /shape/ 75x73x28 mm

SKU: 841936 Weight 94 gr Piece: 1
Price7.64 USD
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Silicone mold - 80 x 80 x 11 mm

Silicone mold Size: 80 x 80 x 11 mm Made of high quality silicone. Perfect to use for polymer clay crafts, fondant, chocolate and other confectionary. The price includes 1  piece in a package.
SKU: 822031 Weight 36 gr Piece: 1
Price3.42 USD
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Someone can say that you have too much, but it’s never enough to own a lot of silicone molds, especially when it comes to creating fun educational experiences and theme for christening.
Silicone Molds make so easily turning a boring project into something memorable and special. See all genius and brilliant silicone molding proposals with Christening in EM ART stores.
They are available in different sizes, design and colors. They are stacked and stored easily. Keep in mind that the forms differ in quality and construction. Not all forms will work for all projects.
For example, something with many details may not work well for making soaps you will use in the bathroom, but it’s great for soaps that can sit as a decoration of your holiday, even afterwards. All our proposals from EM ART have their applications. So, we offer to collect them all!
No matter what your children do, we bet there’s a silicone shape that will excite them. We have different shapes with a christening theme such as baby shape, stroller, wheel, sleeping baby, steps and much more. The list is endless!
See now why we think silicone molds are so important to your educational toolkit? They make children motivated, excited and interested.

 Why choose silicone molds?

Silicone is an extremely universal material and nowadays everything is done - from wedding rings to baby bib. They are available in countless different shapes, sizes and styles and there are so many ways to use them.
And that’s what we’re going to talk about today! We’ll share a list of 7 of the smartest and most useful things you can do with silicone patches for christening.

Cookies for lunch / breakfast

Fill each cavity in your silicone form with a suitable recipe mixture and you will get uniquely beautiful cookies for your holiday.
Preparing edible cake decorations or delicious cupcake tops is easy when you know how to use silicone molds from EM ART to create delicious homemade candy. They are an excellent way for beginner bakers to add individuality and taste to their baked treats with minimal effort.
With hundreds of designs to choose from, you know that there is one that suits your mood and occasion. Impress your christening guests with specially made candies for the occasion.
Make DIY beauty products. They are great for making any homemade creations.
Your favorite way will be to use silicone molds at home, making your own bath products and cosmetics!

Make homemade wax melts

Do you know these fragrant wax melts that you can use as an air freshener for your holiday or home? In fact, you can easily make them at home and save a lot of money by creating them with your own hands.

Why silicone?

Silicone is the future of baking. Although we can’t find real evidence to support whether silicone is better for the environment than ordinary old metal pans, we know that silicone works much better than metal.
Yes, you still need to lubricate your silicone mold, but when it comes time to take out your sweets or candies, it’s much easier to turn the mold over than to use a knife to take things out of your metal pan.
As it is much easier to remove your designs from silicone molds, this also makes them more flexible. The same shapes you use for cupcakes or muffins can actually be used to shape candles, candies, egg muffins and more.
Give your guests decorative soaps! With silicone, the uses are limited only by your imagination.

Silicone baptismal molds

Pros - Easy to peel soap with a flexible material, easy to clean, no need for lining, durable, professional looking.
Minus - Soap takes a little longer, if the soap overheats, the soap can get bubbles
Silicone molds are extremely popular due to their ease of use. Robust but flexible, silicone molds make it easy to peel off both in the cold process and in melting and pouring soap easily.
If you experience any resistance to removing the cold process of soap, stop and leave it for a few more days in the molds. It’s not worth tearing the sides or bottoms of your project!
Hardening the soap in silicone molds takes longer as there is no air in contact with the soap. Sodium lactate is a key additive for use when working with silicone forms. Sodium lactate is a liquid salt that helps to produce a firmer soap that lasts longer in the shower.
Sodium lactate also helps soap to harden faster in molds. This means that instead of waiting 3-4 days to dismantle your project, you can often dismantle the next day. We recommend adding 1 cup of sodium lactate per kilogram of oils to your recipe to chilled water.
In addition to easy detachment, silicone molds are easy to care for. After removing your soap of the form, wash the silicone mold with hot water and soap for containers. Leave to dry and the shape is ready for use for your next project.

While silicone molds are healthy, we do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher. Also avoid any heavy scrub materials such as copper mushrooms, as they can scratch the shiny coating inside.

Clay ornaments for your christening

How do you do that?

Start filling the silicone baptismal molds from EM ART with small pieces of clay, making sure you push it down into the smallest and most detailed areas of the molds.
You may find that the clay sticks to your finger and will not stay in shape. If so, just pull your finger out of the clay instead of pulling straight up. Once there is more clay in the mold, it usually sticks better.
Add more clay until the whole area is filled with clay. Once you have placed enough clay to fill the cavity, press down with your thumb or fingers to make sure all the pieces of clay are completely fused together. If any parts fall out of shape, just re-grease them. You want to remove all the seam lines of the clay pieces.
Use a blade to carefully cut off the excess clay. It is better to make several shallow passes with your blade, rather than one large piece. If your molded piece pulls away from the mold, just push it back. Sometimes sliding the blade can remove the clay from the shallower areas of the mold.
Carefully remove excess polymer clay from the blade mold. To get the last small pieces of clay, it may be helpful to bend your U-shaped blade so that only small areas are scraped off.
Use a tool as a needle to clean all the places where the clay overflows the edges of the shape. After you have refined all the edges, you may need to remove a little more excess clay with your blade.
Use your fingers to "clean " the edges of the clay to the center, away from the shape. This ensures that there is no clay left on the edges of your casting.
Here’s how to remove your molded polymer clay from the silicone mold - always let your clay rest shortly before demoldering. This gives it a chance to tighten and cooldown, making it easier to remove from the shape. A few minutes in the freezer will speed up this process.
If your molded piece is quite shallow and does not have many fine bulges, you can easily remove polymer clay from the shape by twisting it upside down and bend the shape. Clay can very easily fall off without distortion.
Create an environment like a fairy tale for your christening with different creations with silicone molds for baptism by EM ART.

 Types of silicone molds for baptism by EM ART

  The species you will meet with us are the following:

• Silicone mold in baby shape
• Silicone mold shaped like baby stroller
• Metal basket with tulle
• Silicone mold shaped like baby shoes
• Silicone mold slipper shape
• Silicone mold baby boy
• Silicone mold shaped sleeping baby
• Silicone mold baby steps

Low prices from EM ART

The prices we offer for you on silicone baptismal molds are affordable and advantageous for each of you. Our prices start from 1.10 euro to 5.40 euro and you can get your items at promotional prices, discounted prices for purchased quantities, and up to -70% discount you receive when buying from EM ART stores in large quantities.