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Brads for Scrapbooking Decoration

Brads are used to decorate cards, albums, bags, belts, and they can also be attached to separate segments for each other. They are very easy to put and give a finished look to the compositions. We will respond to your inspiration with a wide selection of low prices.

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Brads for Scrapbooking

Brads are two-sided elements created for securing paper. They are usually used for decorative purposes. They can add movable elements to your projects and make them look more professional and original. They are also used to add more texture, color, and charm to the work itself.

In short, brads are small elements that are used to connect separate segments to each other. They are easy to place and will add a finished and beautiful look to compositions, projects, or gifts.

Brads have numerous applications and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used to decorate cards, albums, bags, belts, to secure separate segments, for scrapbook projects, and more.


Application and Purpose

One of the widest applications of brads is in scrapbooking. There, they are mainly used for securing elements to the page, adding a decorative element, attaching decorations, or acting as corners for photos.

Besides small brads, you now have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of sizes, colors, and interesting designs.



They can also be diversified by:



  • Metal or plastic – have smooth tips, made from various types of metal;



  • The most common are basic geometric shapes, especially round ones;
  • More specific – flowers, hearts, butterflies, stars, etc.;
  • Letters, numbers;


  • Seasonal such as autumn leaves or spring flowers;
  • Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween;

The wide variety of brad elements makes them even more trendy and turns them into a true work of art.

They are extremely easy to use, which makes them accessible for both beginners and professional artists.



Some basic indications are:

  • mini - about 5 mm.
  • medium about 8 mm.
  • large about 11 mm.

Brads with unique shapes like Christmas trees, bears, and other animals are harder to measure precisely.


How to Place Brad Elements?

  1. Before you start, place an old mouse pad or something similar underneath to protect the table or surface you’re working on from potential damage. Then make a hole in the sheet where you want to place the brad.

If you want it to be smaller, you can use a needle for more precision, a pin, a craft knife, or any other paper-piercing tool at hand. For a larger hole, be very careful not to tear the paper too much when piercing it. The hole is made so there’s a place to insert the legs of the brad element.

  1. Insert the element into the hole on the paper and flip it over to spread the legs outward, like a butterfly. Try to flatten the legs as much as possible.
  2. This step is optional. You can secure the brad element with a piece of tape or just leave it as is.


Using these tiny beauties called brads will diversify your creative vision and help you brew new ideas for future craft projects or existing ones.

Furthermore, you’ll breathe new life into old accessories like bags or belts, personalize a gift or create a unique design in your scrapbook or notebook to showcase your signature style.


Our Selection of Brads

    In our selection of scrapbooking brads, you can choose between different types, colors, themes, sizes, and shapes. From cleaner and metallic to colored and plastic, associated with specific themes such as vintage, flowers, princesses, and many more.

    Give free rein to your imagination to create or decorate your scrapbook albums, photo albums, or gifts for your loved ones and friends.


    Price Range

    With us, you will find beautiful high quality scrapbooking brads at low and accessible prices.


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    EM ART is an online hobby and craft store. On our updated website, you will find everything you need to realize any of your ideas or projects. And for any inquiries or questions, you will be served and guided by our experienced consultants.

    We offer a wide variety of brads. Metal and vintage ones, round brads made of plastic, with which you will make your scrapbook projects, cards, albums, or accessories look stunning. You will also find complete sets of brads and other decorative elements.

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