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Aquamarine natural and semi-precious stones

Aquamarine embodies the purity of crystalline waters and the relaxing vibrancy of the waves. Its name means "seawater" and is associated with its delicate blue colors. It has the qualities of courage, calmness, intellect, purity and discipline. It is classified as a gemstone. We offer it in the form of beads, mostly balls with a smooth or veneered surface.

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Aquamarine - the sea jewel of peace and harmony

The delicate crystal, which reminds us of the captivating serenity of the sea, carries with it a thousand-year history. Stone beads have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The Egyptians believed that aquamarine would bring them eternal youth.

The Romans believed that if a figure of a frog was carved on aquamarine, it would serve as a reconciliation between enemies , and soldiers carrying a piece of stone would become invincible.

Again in Rome the legend arises that when the stone is blessed, it is capable of miracles in love. As early as the Middle Ages, people used it to ’awaken’ love in married couples .

Aquamarine is a gemstone from an ancient lineage. Curiously, in the 19th century , the most popular variety was green. Today, the bluer the color, the more valuable it is.

With the color of an endless ocean, the stone has a blue in its name, which comes from the Latin words Aqua ’-’ water ’and’ marinus ’-’ sea ’. One of the largest Blue stone deposits have been found in Brazil, but it can also be found in the homeland. In Bulgaria, deposits have been discovered in the Rhodopes and Rila, which is characteristic of the stone, as it ’loves’ the highlands.


The mystical and magical properties of aquamarine

According to folklore, sea stone is especially effective in treating diseases of the jaw, lungs, throat, stomach, liver and toothache. These healing properties make it a stone protector of the throat chakra.

Wearing an amulet made of blue jewelry, it is believed that its owner will be more friendly, the stone will speed up his intellect and cure laziness.

Today, modern healers claim that aquamarine stone helps with fluid retention as well as glandular diseases. There are many beliefs that see it as a healing stone and in mental suffering.

Aquamarine helps a person to be better in communication, to build stronger inner peace , which makes it extremely suitable for meditation. If the spiritual and physical bodies are not in harmony, aquamarine gently rearranges them, releasing intuitive communication at all levels.


Aquamarine and its varieties

From sky blue, through deep, navy blue, to turquoise green and white, aquamarine refracts light to create its magical colors. Its color is stable even when heated. Its delicate color shades make it suitable for a wide range of color combinations.



It is believed that those who wear aquamarine have a better ability to think clearly and make quick decisions. It encourages motivation and calms in moments of intense physical and emotional stress.

Apart from being extremely useful, the gemstone is also captivatingly beautiful. Therefore, it is suitable as an accessory in the form of a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or even a talisman.

It is believed that those who wear aquamarine have a better ability to think clearly and make quick decisions. It encourages motivation and calms in moments of intense physical and emotional stress.

You can make a string of aquamarine yourself with the help of processed aquamarine balls and cord .

And why not include it in a decorative panel. Combine it with pearls or starfish and you will get a souvenir that will bring the sea breeze directly to your home.

It’s relatively easy to maintain. The best way to clean aquamarine jewelry is with plain warm soapy water.


Patron of March

Aquamarine connects with the moon. Although in ancient cultures he was the ruler of the month of October, today it is accepted that he is the birthstone of March.

Its hexagonal shape associates it with the number six, which is associated with Venus, and she - with the zodiac sign Taurus . Others consider the stone to be the patron saint of the signs Gemini, Pisces and Aries.

Those born in March can trust aquamarine to bring them harmony and a healthy family relationship. It also helps to gain discipline, understanding and patience. Dreamers say that if you dream of aquamarine you will have new friendships and a full relationship with your loved one.


What is the price of the stone of courage?

One of the most captivating ornaments is the work of nature, so the price of aquamarine is sometimes quite high.

Fortunately, pieces of raw aquamarine or a string of semi-precious stone can be found at a price between 4 and 15 levs. The prices of aquamarine also depend on the quality of the stone, the workmanship and the side components of the jewelry. .


Aquamarine from Em Art

Em Art offers you a variety of strings with gently selected beads that intertwine water and air elements transformed into balls of different sizes, which makes them suitable for making jewelry, lucky talismans and souvenirs. All this with the consistently high quality to turn your jewelry into a work of art. Fast delivery and individual approach are a must when working with customers.



These healing properties do not replace a medical examination and do not guarantee effective treatment if needed by a specialist in a particular field. The methods are used as an aid in alleviating the listed diseases. EM Art is not responsible for the effectiveness of alternative treatments.