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Amethyst natural and semi-precious stones

The beautifully purple amethyst beads you will find with us will distinguish each item with its beauty. Amethyst is one of the most beloved stones of all time. It is a variety of quartz and has a rich history full of legends, customs and beliefs. Its violet beams carry the magical power of dreams, inspiration and stimulate creativity.

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Amethyst - mythical legends, meaning and symbolism


Once, in ancient times, mortals angered the god of wine Dionysius, not acknowledging his greatness. Enraged at the audacity of the people, he decided to show them his power and took an oath to avenge the first mortal who crossed his path. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting, fabulously beautiful virgin Amethyst was the first before the eyes of the angry Dionysius .

True to his promise, the god of joy released Lions that attacked the girl . Her cries reached the temple of the goddess Diana, to which Amethyst went to pay her respects. Hearing the girl’s cries, the goddess tried to protect her, turning her into a crystal figure of pure quartz.

Deeply remorseful for his deed, Dionysius began to shed bitter tears. They flowed into his glass of amber wine, which spilled on the petrified girl. This gave the statue a glamorous purple glow.

Another legend attributes the stunning beauty to Valentine’s amethyst, which possessed a purple stone ring depicting Cupid.

Even Cleopatra wore jewelry with the beautiful purple stone.

The name Amethyst means non-intoxicated from the Greek word ’amethyst’. This is why amethyst is considered to be a strong antidote for alcoholism. The ancient Greeks believed that anyone who drank from a cup made of amethyst could not drink.


Miraculous properties

Although there is no scientific evidence, Many people attribute a number of miraculous properties to amethyst. It is believed that it is able to transform negative energy into love and protect its owner from bad thoughts of enemies.

The soft stone is able to Relieve sadness and strengthen intuition, awakening spiritual self-awareness. Based on its name, amethyst promotes sobriety, having a beneficial effect on alcohol, drug and other opiate addicts.

If you feel tense and suffer from insomnia - Put an amethyst stone next to the bed, it will relieve insomnia.

One of the many properties of amethyst is its ability to stimulate metabolism and increase hormone production , while strengthening and The immune system.


The blinding crystal is responsible for the crown chakra, which is associated with the so-called ’third eye’, hence the name ’ Spiritual crystal ”.

Despite various theories about its healing properties, almost everyone unanimously believes that amethyst stimulates the processes of the right sphere in the brain.

It is also claimed that the crystal has the ability to purify the blood and have a positive effect on blood circulation.


50 shades Amethyst

The beautiful purple colors of amethyst make it easily recognizable. From pale purple or pink to deep purple, this stone has been used in jewelry and decorations for centuries. If you have amethyst, we do not advise you to keep it in direct sunlight, because it is very likely to begin to fade.


Zodiac signs that patronize

Amethyst Connects with the planets Jupiter and Neptune. And its magnetic beauty attracts the zodiac signs Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn . But this does not limit him to the listed zodiac signs. The purple stone is one of the most broad-spectrum crystals, which makes it suitable for other members of the zodiac.

It is considered to be the birthstone of the month of February .


Everyday application

To this day, amethyst is considered a stone of spirituality and satisfaction, making it especially suitable for meditation. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy, helping a person stay focused.

It is said that its strong energy is used to charge other types of stones . In addition to being useful, it has already become clear that he has captivated deities with his beauty, which makes him the perfect accent in your vision.

Thanks to its alluring color, amethyst becomes a accessory that is sure to You will not go unnoticed. Its saturated shades are not recommended for everyday outfit, but they will make your evening outfit irresistible.


What is the price of amethyst?

Despite That the birthstone in February was a favorite of many deities, its price is not at all ungodly high , as