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String beads semi-precious stone AMETIST ball 4 mm ~ 90 pieces

SKU: 141101
Weight: 7 gr.
Piece: 90
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Product description

String of beads made from semi-precious stone AMETHYST in the shape of a ball

Amethyst is one of the most beloved stones of all time. It is valued by many cultures and has a rich history full of legends, customs, and beliefs. It has unparalleled beauty, and though it is now classified as a semi-precious stone, for the Ancients it was the "gem of fire" at times reaching the price of a diamond. The Amethyst exudes a divinity and purity that will distinguish every article that is made from it.

Metaphysical properties of AMETHISTThe name Amethyst comes from the Greek word ametusthos, which means "sober" and arises from an ancient legend. The god of wine Bacchus, angered by an insult, had sworn to let his tigers devour the first human that comes his way. The unfortunate mortal turned out to be a beautiful girl called Amethyst. She had set on a pilgrimage to Diana’s temple. When the cruel beasts came out, she sought the protection of the goddess. In the heat of the moment, Diana turned the girl into a transparent crystal. Overcome by remorse Bacchus poured the juice of his grapes onto the stone and gave it the lovely purple hue. There are numerous variations of this legend, but they share the common belief that amethyst has the special virtue to prevent drunkenness and unhealthy indulgence. The ancient Greeks and Romans routinely decorated their glasses with amethyst to control the intoxicating power of the wine. Another practice was to carry the stone as an amulet tied to the navel against excessive lust. Even Catholic bishops wore an amethyst ring to avoid mystical intoxication. The modern spiritual person would immediately recognize the high vibration of the purple stone, which corresponds with the psychic center at the top of the head. When the crown chakra is in equilibrium, our energy is in balance. Violet crystal rays carry the magical power of dreams, inspiration, and determination. They stimulate creativity, intelligence, and wisdom. The paler, white lavender rays of amethyst bring down even higher vibrations, expressed in the form of true humility and spiritual purity. They promote connection with the soul and the universal consciousness. They stimulate the processes of inner transformation and enlightenment. Amethyst purifies at the physical level as well. It has universal therapeutic properties. It strengthens the immune system and purifies the blood. It helps with headaches, migraines, mental stress and dementia, eye and sinus problems, hearing problems, physical and emotional pain. It can be placed under the pillow to improve sleep. Amethyst is a powerful ally in the fight against addiction, it can help all people who want to lead a better life and not be slaves to their vices and attachments. It carries the energy of divine love that bestows liberation.

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