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Obsidian Gemstone Bead Strands, Jewellery Making, Necklaces, Bracelets, Craft

Obsidian is a natural form of volcanic glass. Take a closer look at this unique Mother Earth product by making jewelry or decorations. Its various patterns create beautiful beads that are widely used. With us you will find any type and you can be sure that the price will be good.

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Named after its discoverer, Obsidian , the volcanic glass gemstone has been known to people since ancient times. Like volcanic rocks, this species is formed by the cooling of lava, which creates mineral-like pieces.

Interestingly, due to its perfectly smooth structure and lack of sharp Edges in case of breakage, obsidian is used for making scalpels , and even later in history - for arrowheads and ornaments.

The presence of Iron and magnesium give it a dark color , as well as whimsical patterns such as spots, snowflake-like shapes and whimsical stripes.

Quite logically, obsidian deposits can be found in latitudes with the presence of volcanic activity such as Canada, Chile, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Turkey and others.


Varieties and application of Obsidian


Obsidian in its pure variety has Very dark color , it can be found in the following several types:


Mahogany obsidian


Its colors can be brown, dark brown, or black . If you have a problem with self-esteem or are too indecisive, this variety will help you gain more self-confidence and feel sexier . So, if you are about to have your first date and you have not yet decided what kind of jewelry you will wear, this choice is more than good.



Rainbow obsidian


Its colors are again in the dark brown range , but thanks to the iridescence that makes them Refracts can range from silver, blue, gold, green, or a combination of all of the above . This species is famous for its ability to reduce sadness and stress from the body.



Snow obsidian


This variety is recommended for people who need logical and sober thinking and judgment about situations.



The Apache Tear

From completely Transparent, orange, red or black, this beautiful species has a not so beautiful story, according to which all the tears of Indian women are gathered in it . In the late 1970s, a US squadron besieged the Apache tribe in Arizona. During the ambush, soldiers killed much of the Indian wars.

Several of them survived. Seeing themselves on the brink of death, they harnessed their horses to a deep abyss. After the battle, relatives of the dead Apaches began to mourn their bodies. Legend has it that every female tear that rolled on the ground turned to stone.

It was believed that anyone who owned such a stone would never shed a tear again. That is why even today it is believed that it helps with sorrow and mental anguish.


Mystical and healing properties

  • Obsidian is considered a powerful stone that can protect you from negative energy. In some parts of the world it is also called the ’Stone of Truth’ because it supports the truth and Hidden secrets to surface
  • In Indian culture, it is associated with the root chakra, which governs stability and sexuality in a person
  • According to other beliefs, black mirrors Polished obsidian are used to connect with the spirit world and solve problems related to past lives. Divination mirrors help people understand the cause of ingrained anxiety, which is reborn with the soul
  • In alternative medicine, it is used to treat depression and various addictions
  • If you feel that you live outside the desired harmony, this black stone will help you get rid of the bad energy that has accumulated over time, as well as to overcome gusts of anger, fear And resentment towards others


For which zodiac signs is it suitable?


Obsidian is not defined as a traditional birthstone. Instead, it is associated with its influence on the zodiac sign Sagittarius. It has a grounding force , and the element in it is Fire.


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