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Gemstone Beads Strand, Natural Obsidian, Gold Sheen, Round 6mm ~59 pcs

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Piece: 59
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Product description

Strand of beads made from semi-precious stone GOLDEN OBSIDIAN in the shape of a ball

Obsidian, which is more glass than stone, is a unique product of Mother Earth. Its use dates back to the Stone Age and is one of the first objects of organized "mining activity". Its diverse patterns create beautiful beads, which find wide application in designer jewelry. It looks exceptionally elegant in the form of necklaces, earrings, rings, and other accessories. If you are attracted to its persistently appealing appearance, this may also be due to its energy impact or metaphysical properties.

Golden Obsidian, a natural form of volcanic glass, forms quickly as volcanic lava cools, lacking a crystalline structure. It’s a protective stone resonating with the root chakra, grounding, nurturing, purifying, and transforming. It helps us recognize and accept the darker aspects of our subconscious, aiming to transform and neutralize its influence. This precious stone comes in various shades and patterns, each possessing unique metaphysical properties. Golden Obsidian, in particular, forms through the encapsulation of gas bubbles within the lava flow at the moment of its formation. Its energetic impact spans a broader spectrum, affecting not only the root chakra but also the solar plexus, thus stimulating and harmonizing willpower with divine will. It releases blockages in the solar psychic center, helping to materialize all that is needed to fulfill our earthly mission and manifest joy and satisfaction. It aids in understanding the true aspirations of our soul, pushing the ego aside to bring forth clear thought and pure spiritual essence. Golden Obsidian is renowned for aiding diviners in penetrating the veil of time and space to uncover answers to their questions. It can be helpful for individuals dealing with past-related issues, helping them find and eliminate the roots of these problems. It protects the aura, keeping it clear of negativity and shielding against psychic attacks. Golden Obsidian also positively affects the physical body, potentially aiding in the treatment of digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, and excessive reflux. It impacts the central nervous system and assists in addressing depression caused by feelings of worthlessness.

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