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Quartz natural stones, Beads, Jewelry Making, DIY

If you are looking for Universal Crystal, the keeper of Goodness, take a look at the numerous bargains on quartz gemstone beads in our stores. At your disposal will be all varieties of quartz, which is among the most abundant minerals on our planet.

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LEMON QUARTZ Round, Dyed, Naturale Gemstone Beads Strand10mm ~ 39 Pieces
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SKU: 144034 Weight 54 gr Piece: 38
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LEMON QUARTZ Round, Faceted, Dyed, Naturale Gemstone Beads Strand 8mm ~ 49 Pieces
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SKU: 149033 Piece: 49
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Gemstone Beads Strand, Quartz, Round, Coal, 12mm, ~35 pcs
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SKU: 140335 Piece: 35
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Quartz - the master of all crystals


With its great physical resistance to weathering, quartz is one of the most widespread crystals in the world . Its specific hexagonal shape makes it easily recognizable.

It has been known to mankind for thousands of years. The oldest recorded facts about him date back to 300 BC. Artifacts indicate that the name quartz comes from the Greek name, which means 'hardened ice'.

The ancient Romans believed that clear quartz was ice that had the ability to heal. Women with high status in the society of ancient Rome used it in the form of large transparent balls to cool off on hot days.

Quartz stones were the basis of rituals for lighting a sacred fire as a sign of gratitude to the gods. They were placed on sawdust, and the sunlight passing through them ignited the fire.

Due to its heat resistance and electrical conductivity properties, quartz is a valuable mineral in many industries, including And for making glass. Its brilliance, color and hardness make it a favorite stone in jewelry as well.


Amazing, isn't it?


Did you know that One of the most unique abilities of quartz is the ability of its crystals to vibrate with precise frequencies. These frequencies are so precise that they can transmit radio and television signals with absolute accuracy. They are integrated into devices called crystal oscillators and were extremely valuable and necessary during World War II.


Types of quartz


Varieties of quartz are a favorite of jewelry masters. Among its variations are citrine crystals, amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, aventurine and agate .

Another lovely variety of quartz is jasper. The different shapes of the gemstones make quartz uniquely beautiful even without much processing.


Mystical, healing properties of quartz and application


Apart from being practical, the crystal is also one of the most universal healing stones. It has the ability to absorb, transform and radiate energy.

Quartz is a crystal, Which not only healers but ordinary people can use in a healing environment . Just a piece of it placed in a room is able to improve the atmosphere and emit a healing vibration.

A pendulum made of quartz can give you answers to questions That you set for yourself over a long period of time.

Wearing quartz jewelry will boost the body's natural energy . Many people who practice alternative medicine claim that it supports the treatment of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Quartz has the unique ability to promote the release of negativity from thoughts, to stimulate positivism / Strong> and to strengthen the warm and tender feelings in a person.

At the heart of its meaning is the belief that he is the Supreme Gift of Mother Earth.

It is thought to be able to cure headaches caused by migraines, dizziness and seasickness. It can improve your metabolism and help you if you suffer from weight loss.

Quartz is also widely used in feng shui. Pieces of it are placed next to the windows in the house to dissipate solar energy in the room.


Zodiac signs and quartz


It is known that there is no specific zodiac sign that is strictly associated with this crystal, but here are some of its benefits for the representatives of the zodiac signs Capricorn, Leo and Gemini:

  • Transparent quartz is very useful for reducing persistence in people born under the sign of Capricorn
  • Quartz crystals are powerful generators of strength and resilience for the zodiac sign Leo
  • Gemini, who Have quartz stones are more prone to tolerance, which is not very typical for the zodiac

Quartz gives harmony to all chakras, which makes its use in holistic medicine even more popular.



Quartz from Em Art


We from Em Art have paid special tribute to the beautiful crystal and have collected a rich selection of pink, yellow, Smoky, transparent and many other variety For your projects. Here you will find beads of different sizes and numbers, cabochon stones, as well as ready-made jewelry to complement your everyday look.

Prices for quartz items vary < Strong> from 2 to 50 levs depending on the number and type.

You can find them in all our 14 tons