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Jade or Jadeite natural gemstones, beads

Jade is the only gemstone that can be carved as a continuous chain of one piece of material. Here you will find the largest selection of beads made from fully natural or processed jadeite. This mineral, which is more valuable to the Chinese than gold, symbolizes the five human virtues: mercy, determination, courage, wisdom, and justice.

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Gemstone Beads Strand, Natural Jade, Round, White, 12mm, ~32 pcs
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String of beads made from semi-precious stone - natural white JADEITE in the shape of a ball
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Jadeite - a stone of harmony and balance

Jadeite or Nerfit? A question that is often asked by lovers of healing crystals. In fact, in both cases it is Jade - a name by which the Chinese denoted the two separate stones with common characteristics. In the middle of the 19th century, the Frenchman Alexis Damour discovered that these were two separate varieties. Jadeite and jade have very similar physical characteristics that would be difficult for non-professionals to distinguish.

The history of jadeite is as old as the world. Chinese artisans have been making stone objects for over five thousand years. With the development of craftsmanship, craftsmen find a way to improve the appearance, color, luster and stability of the stone.

After undergoing various transformations, it is qualified in several main types - type A, type B and type C. .

Jadeite type A - Crystals of this type are treated with wax. The procedure is done by immersing pure jadeite in water and then in melted wax. The wax coating fills the unevenness of the surface and gives it a smooth and shiny finish.

Jadeite type B- In this variety, jadeite is treated with hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, which removes oxidative stains. Then impregnation with wax or transparent resin is applied, which makes it shiny and smooth.

Jadeite type C - In this type the treatment of type B is collected, but it is also Added and desired color.


Mystical and healing properties

For thousands of years, jadeite has been revered in Chinese culture and medicine . It is very often present in the choice of gifts for anniversaries, weddings and birthdays.

For supporters of alternative therapies, jade also brings healing energy. It has a calming charge that is able to purify your energy field. That is why the crystal is associated with the purification and purity of soul vibrations. Unlike other healing stones, this one does not create a strong energy field, but manages to break it in a gentle and balanced way. According to healers, it carries the message ’Love and accept yourself.’ A stone of harmony and balance, jadeite is extremely popular in meditation and feng shui. In ancient art it is used in various objects to invite new friends and prosperity in your home. One of the other reasons he is so prevalent in feng shui is that his homeland is China.


Jadeite according to the zodiac

The crystal carries the energy of water and this makes it extremely suitable for the representatives of the zodiac Pisces and Libra. He is the patron saint of the Heart Chakra and the birthstone of the month of March.


Jadeite and its application in everyday life

Mandarin birds from Jadeite for love energy or carved peonies, both options are extremely suitable for souvenirs in your home.

Buddha figurines made of jade beads are especially popular.

As this is durable and Multicolored stone, it is widely used in jewelry. It is used to make jewelry, bracelets, earrings and talismans.

Combines equally well with gold, silver and other precious metals.



With us at EM ART you will find a rich palette > colors of completely natural or processed jadeite at prices from 2 to 15 levs. The price range varies depending on the number and size of the beads in the string. Whoever you choose for your project, we offer fast delivery when ordering online and quality and professional service in our stores in the country.

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