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Colored sheets of paper of various sizes, suitable for drawing, wrapping, making cards, origami and other creative projects. A large selection of pearl paper on which you can write your wishes for any holiday and occasion. Choice and quality at reasonable prices.

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The Magic of Paper

Paper has been used for centuries as a way to describe human feelings, emotions, and experiences. Despite technological advancement, paper is still used as a means of communication. The production of paper began in the second century and is considered one of the greatest inventions of humanity.

Before its invention, various materials such as: skins, papyrus and bamboo were used instead. Legend has it that the creators of paper were inspired by observing birds making nests.

Initially, paper was made from hemp fibers, mulberry bark, and fishing nets. The idea for paper production comes from ancient China. The low cost of materials allowed production to rapidly increase.


Types of Paper

In the modern world, there are numerous types of paper. The variety is so large that it makes the choice difficult. Nature has given us a wonderful opportunity to benefit from its treasures. We offer a wide range of paper that will satisfy all tastes and creative needs. Here are some of them:

  • Tracing paper
  • Textured textile paper
  • Pearlescent or embossed paper
  • Paper pad with colored glossy sheets
  • Glitter paper
  • Embossed faux leather paper
  • Craft paper
  • Velour paper
  • Sublimation print paper
  • Non-stick backing paper for cabochon
  • Offset paper


Application and Purpose of Paper

As mentioned above, paper has a very wide application and is not limited only to writing. Take for example paper projects like origami that showcase originality and beauty. Paper is a versatile material that offers a wide range of colors and patterns, making it a favorite for hobbyists.

Paper decorations made from this material are unique and stylish. You could make flowers, book covers and gift packaging for all occasions. Children often use colored paper for school projects and crafts, as well as for making cards, albums, and models.

Pearlescent paper, for example, is often used for arranging and decorating various cards, albums, notebooks, and many other items. Let’s not forget that paper is also used to make napkins, without which no table setting would be complete.

The art of decoupage would also not be possible without this material and all its derivatives. Perfect imitations of embossed paper and faux leather are phenomenal materials for creating striking accessories in the fashion sphere. Check out our craft high quality materials, available in natural colors, suitable any creative hobby.

Who doesn’t love paper? It’s an essential part of our lives in its various forms and colors. Exploring the elegant and beautiful world of paper allows us to be creative and make amazing things.



Every pleasure has its price, but working with paper comes at relatively cheap! Enjoy our wide variety of colored paper with incredible patterns and motifs at low and affordable prices.


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In the paper category, you will find paper of different thicknesses, colors, and shapes for various hobby and craft projects..


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