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The cardboards we sell have a wide application for making cards, scrapbooking and many other creative projects for small and large. These include pearls, structural, brocade, suede, holographic, metallic and the full range of ordinary cardboard colors.

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What is Cardboard?

Cardboard is a flexible and eco-friendly material used worldwide for packaging, art, and innovation. The word cardboard originates from the French language, and it is one of the thickest types of paper.

One of the main characteristics of cardboard are its thickness, density, and ability to absorb liquids. Like all other types of paper, the main material used in its production is cellulose. The main difference between cardboard and other types of papers is the use of coarser and raw materials in its production.



Cardboard has a high density and many purposes. The raw material from which it is produced plays a primary role in the appearance and aesthetic of this product. Its multilayered structure is the main factor that makes it so durable.

The cellulose raw material used for its production is at the base of its high quality. It is used in many industries because it is resistant to corrosion.


Types of Cardboard

Cardboard’s versatility and properties make it a preferred material among hobbyists. On EM ART, you will find a wide range of cardboard such as:

  • Pearl cardboard
  • Brocade cardboard
  • Holographic cardboard
  • Metallic cardboard
  • Foam cardboard
  • Double-sided smooth cardboard
  • Embossed single-sided cardboard


Application and Purpose

Cardboard is such a diverse material that it even entered the construction industry. It is also often used in school for educational purposes and creative projects! Working with cardboard offers us many way to showcase our skills and creativity and have fun!

Cardboard is also suitable for cutting out various figurines, which can be an ideal addition to any festive decoration. Try out our pearlescent cardboard - perfect for making handmade greeting cards and invitations for special occasions and festive events.

Another great way to use colored cardboard is to decorate! Spice up old notebooks and textbooks with vibrant cardboard cutouts and give them an individual and unique look! Cardboard is also suitable for making paper figures, scrapbook projects, gift boxes, book covers and more

Living in harmony with nature involves using natural resources responsibly. Working with cardboard is a sustainable choice as this material can be recycled.

Cardboard is a material that combines fun and functionality, which makes it beloved among creators, kids and business. Teachers use it in their classes because it helps kids develop their motor skills and creativity!

To make your cardboard creations even more exciting, add ribbons, lace, organza or beads.

Take a peek at the awesome selection EM ART offers and let our colorful cardboard spark your next big idea. Cardboard isn’t just for crafts - it’s also a great packaging solution and it is used for storing things like medicine, makeup, and snacks.

Let your imagination run wild with our vibrant decorative cardboard!



EM ART offers a wide variety of decorative cardboard at low and affordable prices. Check out our diverse catalog and choose the best materials for your next creative project!



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