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3-Ply Napkin for Decoupage Ambiente 33x33 cm, Sunny Easter - 1 piece

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Weight: 6 gr.
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Product description

Decoupage napkin, ideal for any creative project. Exceptionally durable and uniquely designed, our napkin provides the perfect foundation for transforming any surface into a work of art. Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to find the perfect napkin for your needs.

The decoupage napkin is a key element for anyone looking to give a unique and artistic look to various items and surfaces. Our decoupage napkins are designed to inspire and make the creative process easier, whether you are a novice or an experienced decoupage artist. This product combines quality, variety, and ease of use to deliver exceptional results every time.

Main Features:

• The napkin is made from multi-layered paper that offers an ideal balance between strength and finesse. This ensures that it adheres perfectly to different surfaces without tearing or deforming.

• This napkin is perfect for decorating a variety of surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramics, metal, and fabric. Whether you are decorating furniture, creating personalized gifts, or refreshing your home interior, our napkin will help you achieve impressive results.

• The decoupage process with our napkins is easy and intuitive. Simply cut out the desired motif, apply decoupage glue to the chosen surface, place the napkin, and smooth it carefully. Then apply a protective layer of varnish or additional glue for a long-lasting effect and extra protection.

• Made from eco-friendly materials, our decoupage napkin is safe for the environment and user health. It is suitable for home use and contains no harmful chemicals.


1. Furniture Decoration: Transform old or plain furniture into unique art pieces. Use the decoupage napkin to decorate nightstands, coffee tables, chairs, and other furniture, adding style and individuality.

2. Personalized Gifts: Create unique and memorable gifts for your loved ones. Decorate jewelry boxes, photo frames, candle holders, and other items that will be appreciated and remembered.

3. Home Decor: Refresh your home interior with unique decorative elements. Decoupage napkins can be used to decorate vases, candle holders, stools, and other accessories, giving your home style and elegance.

Combining with Other Materials and Products:

To achieve the best results and fully unleash your creativity, we recommend combining our decoupage napkin with the following products:

Decoupage Glue: Specialized decoupage glue ensures strong and smooth adhesion of the napkin to the surface, providing extra protection and durability to the finished piece.

Acrylic Paints: Add colorful accents and personalize your projects with acrylic paints. They are easy to use, dry quickly, and offer a rich range of colors that will make your decoupage projects even more remarkable.

Decoupage Varnish: To finish your artwork, apply a layer of varnish that will add shine and protect the surface from wear and moisture. The varnish will ensure durability and a professional look for your projects.

Brushes and Tools: Choose quality brushes and tools for applying glue and paint. Different sizes and shapes of brushes will allow you to work precisely and achieve the desired effects.

Texture Pastes and Stencils: For additional relief and interesting visual effects, use texture pastes and stencils. They will add depth and uniqueness to your projects, turning them into true works of art.

Our decoupage napkin is the perfect choice for all who love handmade decorations and want to add a personal touch to their projects. With it, you can create exquisite and unique works that will bring beauty and individuality to your home. Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of decoupage with our high-quality napkins!

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