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Gemstone Beads Strand, Synthetic Malachite, Round, 4mm, 100 pcs

SKU: 141591
Weight: 8 gr.
Piece: 100
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Product description

Strand of beads made from semi-precious stone MALACHITE with additional color treatment, in the shape of a ball

Born from the womb of Mother Earth, natural stones are part of her body and possess the all-powerful wisdom of the universe. They have an unusually attractive force and various energy properties that are capable of bringing prosperity, health, and balance to life. It’s not necessary to be experts; trust your intuition and creative inspiration, and you will become a conduit of positive energy, both in your own life and in the lives of your clients.

Malachite possesses undeniable aesthetic qualities. It is also known as the "Peacock Stone" due to patterns resembling peacock feathers, and its beautiful green color evokes various associations with nature. It has been used for amulets and statuettes since ancient Egypt. Egyptian women adorned their eyes, eyelids, and lashes with crushed malachite powder. Energetically, malachite acts as a protective stone, enhancing vital energy and aiding balance. It is an excellent companion for air travel, offering protection against accidents and shielding from radiation. It is suitable for pregnant women and for treating menstrual problems. Lithotherapy experts recommend its use for heart, pancreas, and spleen diseases. When using a malachite amulet, it is beneficial for the stone’s placement to align with the heart chakra or the solar plexus. The pituitary and pineal glands are also positively influenced by malachite. Malachite jewelry aids in tissue regeneration and has a beneficial impact on the nervous system.

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