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Gemstone Beads Strand, Synthetic Turquoise, Round, 6mm, ~68 pcs

SKU: 141892
Weight: 18 gr.
Piece: 68
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Product description

Strand of beads made from synthetic semi-precious stone TURQUOISE in the shape of a ball

TURQUOISE - Turquoise is perhaps the oldest talisman stone in human history. It is a strong and solid protective stone, whose touch soothes and whose appearance heals. Its irresistible shades seem to have gathered all the angelic gentleness of the heavens, while the earthy brown veins further enhance its character. For thousands of years, it has been valued by all cultures as a symbol of wisdom, nobility, love, and the power of immortality.

USEFUL INFORMATION: Natural high-quality, untreated turquoise is very rare on the market and extremely expensive. It is mainly used by established designers and purchased by collectors. This turquoise has greater hardness and a more intense and durable color. Standard jewelry turquoise is second in quality. It is somewhat softer, and its color varies, sometimes being very pale, having a grayish tint, or too many veins. This accounts for about 20% to 30% of the total production of turquoise mines. Low-quality natural turquoise is not suitable for jewelry due to its low durability and poor color, which at the same time is subject to further fading. This turquoise makes up 60% of the production of turquoise mines and is usually turned into stabilized or enhanced turquoise. The enhanced turquoise is impregnated with evaporated quartz. This makes it harder and deepens its color. After this treatment, the turquoise looks much better and no longer changes its color. The stabilization of turquoise has been perfected mainly by American manufacturers, who use pressure and heat to fill the microscopic crevices in the stone with synthetic resin. This makes the stone hard enough to be cut and polished. The treatment of turquoise with wax is an ancient technique where the turquoise is covered with a thin layer of wax. This makes it shinier and improves the color, but it is only surface-level and does not relate to the stone’s durability. Tibetan turquoise jewelry is most commonly treated in this way. Reconstituted is another term that describes powdered turquoise waste from stone cutting, mixed with blue dye and a polymeric binder. Compressed is a similar product made from larger pieces. There is no reason to believe that enhanced, stabilized, or wax-treated turquoise do not carry all the metaphysical properties of turquoise, and the reconstituted and compressed also contain dust or pieces of the material, hence their energy pattern. As for aesthetic qualities, you can judge for yourself. Due to the specific market situation of turquoise, we provide all these details in cases where we lack sufficient information about its quality.

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