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Natural BROWN SUNSTONE Gemstone Chip Beads on a String, 5-7 mm, Length ~80 cm

SKU: 702975
Weight: 76 gr.
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Product description

SUNSTONE chip beads with sparkling copper glare, scattering luck and optimism.

The brilliant glare of the goldstone is enough to attract attention from jewelers and wearers and convince them that it has something special to offer. Even in the form of small dots, it’s intensity is comparable to the brilliance of a sunbeam. Although classified as a stone, it does not exist in nature in this form. It is made of molten quartz and other ingredients depending on the color. To create the golden variation, copper salts are added. They produce shiny particles, which are microscopic copper crystal. For different variations, other coloring agents are used. Folklore beliefs say that the stone recipe was created by chance from alchemists during their attempts to produce gold or monks practicing alchemy. This explains some of its trade names: the monk’s stone, the monk’s gold, or "aventurine" from the Italian word "avventura", which means luck or chance.

Metaphysical properties of GOLDSTONE - The goldstone, with its reflecting surface, can be used as a protective stone. Therefore it is suitable for creating amulets. One of Its cultural associations is with alchemy, followed by the belief that it can sustain personal transformation. Due to its derivation from the Italian word "aventura", "luck, chance, risk", the stone is associated with good fortune, luck, and games of chance. It is also linked with the ability to guess and to predict the future. It enhances qualities such as ambition, confidence and risk assessment. It is also known as a symbol of safe travel, good planning, and the enjoyment of life. Because of its copper content, this gem shares the metaphysical properties of metal: attracting abundance, harmonizing relationships, and creativity. These same qualities are inherent in the solar energy that is so beautifully reflected in the goldstone. Copper is a good conductor of electricity as well as a tool for channeling spiritual energy. Therefore, the goldstone can be used for energy work, for increasing vitality and charging other mineral stones. There are ancient connections between copper, the planet Venus and the goddesses of love in different cultures. Therefore, it can also be said that wearing this stone attracts love.

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