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Natural Magnetic HEMATITE Stone Bracelet / Tube Beads: 8x5.5 mm; Ball: 4 mm; Length: 54 mm

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Weight: 12 gr.
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Product description

Magnetic bracelet made of semi-precious stone - HEMATITE

Hematite is a unique stone from the iron ore group that cannot be mistaken for any other. It fits perfectly into many of the modern design concepts. Pure natural hematite is not magnetic, but stones are sometimes found that contain some amount of magnetite in combination with hematite. In these cases, the stone exhibits magnetic properties. Another method of obtaining magnetic hematite is by reconstruction and in the magnetization process. There is also synthetic hematite that is created in a laboratory. It can be magnetic or non-magnetic. It is important to know that almost all hematite that is available in the market is man-made. Of course, synthetic stones also have their place in the world of gemstones. They provide beautiful and affordable versions of some of their rarer representatives. Synthetic versions contain the same constituents found in their natural counterparts. Hematite is an iron oxide with 70% iron content. A large part of its properties are due to iron. Therefore, we can assume that synthetic hematite will inherit the metaphysical and energetic properties of its natural prototype. In appearance, hematite also resembles a metal. Its dark gray to black color is accented by a dramatic, metallic sheen. The jewelry made by him is strikingly effective. It is available in many different variants, some of which have multi-colored metallic finishes.

The metaphysical properties of HEMATITE - Hematite aids in original and logical thinking and the ability to prioritize. It is suitable for engineers, mathematicians, scientists, businessmen, and managers. It has powerful grounding properties that would be extremely beneficial in critical situations when a person is overwhelmed and confused. It helps the mind focus on the present moment and brings balance and tranquility. Hematite attracts harmony, kindness, and love. It boosts self-esteem and provides confidence and stability. When used, it is best for hematite to have direct contact with the skin, such as a bracelet or necklace. Its cool touch will immediately bring balance and calmness. It will absorb negative energy from the body, removing stress, anxiety, fear, and worry. Additionally, it will saturate it with a pleasant, cooling energy. Utilizing the magnetic qualities of yin-yang energies, hematite balances the meridians in the body and ensures a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It is ideal for treating issues with circulation, anemia, and bleeding. The very name "hematite" translates from ancient Greek as "blood stone," due to its use in creating red pigment. If a little powder of hematite is poured into a glass of water, it will resemble blood. This is another proof of the connection between the physical and metaphysical properties of hematite. It is also beneficial for the skin, helping in the quick healing of wounds and cuts.

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