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String of Semi-precious Stone Beads / Brown LACE AGATE, Ball: 10 mm ± 62 pieces

SKU: 143114
Weight: 56 gr.
Piece: 38
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Product description

Lace Agate beads in the shape of a ball, colored in a soft, yellow-brown tone, with an effective, stimulating effect on the creative expression of emotions.

Lace Agate is associated with the crazy waving of colorful ruffles by Mexican dancers. You can find it under the name Crazy Lace or "Crazy" Agate and is worn by those who love joy and merriment. It is a stone that lifts the spirits and encourages optimism. Its elegant design of random lace creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating the mind and mood. It is also called The "Stone of Laughter", but of course laughter is a constant companion of the agile mind and good mood. For those suffering from emotional pain, it can alleviate the condition by helping them accept the situation. They also say that if you put Lace Agate under a cobweb it will attract happy moments in love.

Metaphysical properties of AGATE - This ground stone has the ability to center and stabilize physical energy and thus ensure good health. It strengthens the mind and leads to practical solutions. As a stone of righteousness, Agate helps to overcome fear and tell the truth. It heals negativity, bitterness and inner anger. Encourages love and the desire for a new beginning. Agate also stimulates creative energy and helps to channel and manifest in an appropriate way. It is worn as an amulet against the bites of poisonous creatures, saves from poison, protects from enemies. The gift of agate caused disposition to the giver.

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