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String of Semi-Precious Stone Beads Natural Black Lace RHODONITE / Ball: 10 mm ~ 38 pieces

SKU: 142424
Weight: 54 gr.
Piece: 38
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Product description

String of beads from semi-precious stone rhodonite in a round shape

Natural stones are born from the womb of Mother Earth, they are part of her body and hold the almighty wisdom of the universe. In the form of jewellery, household items and interior decorations, they have brought inspiration and confidence to people for centuries. They have extraordinary attractive power and various energy properties that are able to bring prosperity, health and balance in life. You don’t need to be an expert, use your intuition and creative inspiration and you will become a conduit of positive energy, both in your own life and in the lives of your clients.

RHODONITE - The distinctive feature of Rhodonite is its delicate pink color. That is why its name, which comes from the Greek word "rhodon", means rose, and in the East it is called "stone of the dawn". These beautiful names are indicative of its extraordinary aesthetic and energetic qualities. It affects the heart chakra and nourishes a person’s deepest divine essence, helping it to manifest in its own way. It is a stone of community, cooperation, generosity, altruism and promotes brotherhood among people. Rhodonite is a powerful emotional healer. Its vibrations resonate with those of love and forgiveness, enabling the soul to heal from past traumas and difficult emotional experiences. It gently frees from self-destructive tendencies and helps a person to see both sides of a given situation. It helps to realize and withdraw unfounded accusations towards others. It is used to overcome feelings of inferiority. It nurtures self-love and respect. Rhodonite transforms excess lust and stimulates romantic love. It can reduce jealousy between children in the family and protect against conflicts related to the division of finances. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and provides protection in war-torn areas. The healing effect of Rhodonite on the body is expressed in energization, strengthening of muscles and heart and improvement of blood circulation. Eastern healers make of it a special elixir for the treatment of cancer and other autoimmune diseases. The same elixir is a good remedy for injuries or trauma. The gentle pink rays of Rhodonite are especially useful in diseases of the nervous system. Rhodonite is also used to improve vision and hearing, as well as for speech problems. The main message of Rhodonite is: "explore your innermost emotions to find out what you really want to be with and who, if anyone, you really want to be with."

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