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CHRYSOPRASE Semi-precious Gemstone Chip Beads Strand, 5-7 mm, Length ~80 cm

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Chrysoprase gemstone beads in chip shape. Chrysoprase is a variety of chalcedony with an apple-green color. Chrysoprase is known for its calming effect.

Use small gemstone chips when you want to make jewelry or decorations, emphasizing the natural beauty where each shape is unique. Born from the womb of mother earth, all the gemstones are part of her body and carry within themselves the mighty wisdom of the universe. They have extraordinary magnetic powers and various energy properties that can bring prosperity, health, and balance in one’s life. No need to be an expert! Trust in your intuition and creative inspiration and become a conduit of positive energy, both in your own life and in the life of your clients.

CHRYSOPRASE - Chrysoprase is the most expensive stone in the chalcedony family. It owes its fresh summer green color to the presence of nickel, which creates beautiful shades from golden green to pale to dark green. A famous legend claims that Alexander the Great wore a chrysoprase on his belt during his 11 years of continuous victories on his way to the East. One day, while walking along the riverbank, a snake bit off the chrysoprase and dropped it into the water. After this incident, luck left the great commander, and he had no more victories. Perhaps for this reason, chrysoprase is perceived as the "stone of victory." In the Middle Ages, other fantastic beliefs were also associated with chrysoprase. For example, if a thief sentenced to death put a piece of chrysoprase in his mouth, he would become invisible and avoid execution. Of course, for the modern mind, things seem much more multifaceted, but the current view of chrysoprase still makes it one of the most powerful stones of luck, success, and abundance. This, however, is due to the deep energetic influence of the mineral on the consciousness and subconscious, leading to deep emotional release. Accumulated sadness, disappointment, and insecurity at the entrance of the heart chakra can be released under the influence of the green rays of chrysoprase. When the heart is illuminated by feelings of trust and security and touched by the higher vibrations of joy and happiness, abundance and success become an integral part of a person’s life. Chrysoprase energizes and brings a sense of satisfaction and independence. It helps us recognize selfish motives within ourselves and free ourselves from obsessive behavior patterns. Physically, chrysoprase stimulates detoxification and elimination. Even heavy metals and other substances that are difficult to dissolve can be eliminated under the influence of this stone. It also stimulates liver functions to eliminate toxins from taking strong medications, supports skin diseases, and stimulates fertility in women, especially if infections have led to infertility.

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