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Glow in Dark Acrylic Paint, Green Cadence 50 ml

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Glowing acrylic paint to make your boldest dreams a reality. It can be applied to any surface to create an individual design with your own hands.

The remarkable properties of glow-in-the-dark paints provide endless possibilities for creativity. If you’re wondering whether your interior can have a dual life, the answer is in these small jars filled with "magic." During the day, you have the classic, familiar look of your interior, but when daylight fades, every spot touched by these glowing paints begins to live its own life, creating a fantastic atmosphere. Create a starry sky in a child’s room or the living room; murals on the walls; and furniture paint, that looks different during the day. You can apply it on textiles, highlight doors, or simply transform your favorite relaxation spot into a nightclub or a bohemian art gallery, without disrupting the ordinary look of your home. Perfect for creating decorative light objects from wood, as well as for painting doors, frames, tables, chairs, cabinets, thresholds, etc. You can paint on natural, artificial stone and concrete; on plastic and glass surfaces – lampshades, mirrors, and vases. Refresh garden ceramics or the gazebo. Decorate the tips of the artificial Christmas tree – so you won’t need lights. Create unique jewelry – earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from wood, glass, plastic, and paper. Or use it to decorate accessories - fans, scarves, bag pendants or keychains, phone panels. This way, even in the dark, you’ll be able to find what you need. Use your imagination – create fairy jars, and decorate not only with various colors of glowing paints but also with glitter, fairy figurines, artificial flowers, the petals of which you touch with a little glowing paint for a magical effect. These jars will be beautiful during the day as well. On our site, you will find a variety of wooden figures and objects, accessories for decoration and jewelry, and everything you need for your next project based on glow-in-the-dark paints.

RECOMMENDED: If necessary, dilute with acrylic mediums or retarders. Protect from freezing at temperatures above 5°C. The paints can be easily cleaned with WARM water and soap. USEFUL: Luminescence is the ability of materials to glow at dusk and night when artificial light sources are turned off. This effect can be applied to any object or item treated with this type of paint. It is created based on phosphorus – with a phosphorescent powder pigment capable of accumulating light energy and has a long-term action period. This paint gains energy from any source – solar or ultraviolet rays, an incandescent lamp, etc. Approximately 15 minutes of bright daylight or artificial light is enough to charge for continuous light for 8 hours, equivalent to the light at full moon. The accumulation process is a continuous cycle, and the lifespan of the fluorescent pigments is at least 30 years. Additionally, the light powder is environmentally adapted, frost-resistant, and heat-resistant, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor designs. The main colors from the series can be mixed, as well as blended with other acrylic mediums. This paint is safe for humans and animals, non-radioactive, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Certified according to EN 71 & CE. NOTE: Do not confuse these glowing paints, which are luminescent, with fluorescent ones, which do not charge and do not glow independently but only under the influence of ultraviolet radiation – UV rays, or the so-called black light.

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Glow in Dark Acrylic Paint, Green Cadence 50 ml
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Glow in Dark Acrylic Paint, Green Cadence 50 ml
SKU: 842597
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